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Chain of Events

December 2010. I’m on a plane with my sister, flying back from San Diego. I’ve attended Tony Robbins’ six day program Date With Destiny in Palm Springs, then met my sister in San Diego. She was there for a weekend … Continue reading

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Reblogged: Talking Like a Sailor – Level 1

Originally posted on Second Wind:
Unlike what some people will think, this is not about the swear words that some associate with sailors. After we bought our first sailboat, I quickly learned that there are a lot of terms used…

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Falling meteor

One of the scenes I’ve written for my work in progress, Mission: Dawn has an occupied one man work pod fall out of orbit to the surface of the planet. This event is important to the story; I need it … Continue reading

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Analyze this

People seem to like these “first word you see” puzzles and being a creative guy I decided to make my own. Sometimes my mind just spews out these ideas. What are the first three words you see? I don’t know … Continue reading

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The other night I rewrote the opening scene of my work in progress, Mission: Dawn. It wasn’t a major rewrite, mostly tightening things up. I originally wrote the opening scene years a decade ago. I had always envisioned it starting … Continue reading

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A day in the life of

I was scheduled to be on light duty at church this morning. That meant getting there for nine. An excerpt from my journal today: 8:02am Now would be a good time to get up. 8:18am Okay, 8:02 was a good … Continue reading

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Do you want to be healed?

You asked if I want to be healed. How shall I respond? Shall I say I have no one to help me? Shall I say someone else always gets ahead of me? You ask me if I want to be … Continue reading

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