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A remembrance of fathers

Prologue January 6 is Ukrainian Christmas Eve (Свят вечер; Sviat Vecher). This year was our first Sviat Vecher celebration without my father. The tradition is to have a 12 course meal all made without meat. One of concoctions we had … Continue reading

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Forgiving is something that happens when you choose it

Someone recently asked me, “How do you know when you have forgiven someone who wronged you?” How do you know? You know you’re forgiving someone when your reaction to what happened in the past changes. You know when you’re not … Continue reading

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Persuasive Speaking – Final Approach to Advanced Communicator Gold

I’ve been working towards my Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) designation in fits and starts. My most recent run at it was from last July through September, in which I completed all five speech projects in the Interpersonal Communication manual. I have … Continue reading

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I knocked on her door

The only times I would see her were the occasional times that we’d pass each other in the parking lot and politely say hi. One day I passed her by and she was cleaning her car. I thought she was … Continue reading

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The Force Awakens

On January 1 I finally went to see Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens. Only two weeks since it came out, yet it seems much longer. Too many people posting their comments and reactions to risk exposure to spoilers. … Continue reading

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Revisiting “Hello, Bruce”

The Hello, Bruce project has been a back burner project for several years now. As such it has been slowly simmering away; not quite coming to a boil, not quite thoroughly cooked, yet some of the ingredients have been thrown … Continue reading

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An epiphany night

The other night I had a minor epiphany night. An epiphany night is a night where I can’t fall asleep and solutions to all problems are running through my mind. This was a minor epiphany night, since solutions to only … Continue reading

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Case for Action

I started the Landmark Self Expression and Leadership Program (SELP) last week. It is a four-month program in which I will be taking on a community leadership project. The project I’m taking on is a developer forum that brings assistive … Continue reading

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Author Reading at Ten Stories High

Canadian Authors Association is a national association for writers of every kind, for those actively seeking to become writers and for those who want to support writers. The Niagara Branch of the Canadian Authors Association held its “Ten Stories High” … Continue reading

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Celebrating my one year surgeversary

I celebrated my one year surgeversary today. I wrote about this stage of my healing journey in past posts titled Chain of Events and Doctor’s Orders. People sometimes ask me if I have increased flexibility now. I did not gain … Continue reading

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