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Celebrating my one year surgeversary

I celebrated my one year surgeversary today. I wrote about this stage of my healing journey in past posts titled Chain of Events and Doctor’s Orders. People sometimes ask me if I have increased flexibility now. I did not gain … Continue reading

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Is $16,000 too much for an MP3 player?

Is $16,000 too much for an MP3 player? It has some nice features. It has Bluetooth. It’s mobile, and it has less than 19,000km on it (almost 12,000mi). It’s gas powered and does not need recharging. The one I looked … Continue reading

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This is not your father’s Pi!

Despite a rapid start and quick spurt of massive progress, I still ended up taking over a year to complete my Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS) at Toastmasters. Did I finish my DTM in 2013? No. Recalibrating my goal, looking at … Continue reading

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