Is $16,000 too much for an MP3 player?

Is $16,000 too much for an MP3 player? It has some nice features.

It has Bluetooth. It’s mobile, and it has less than 19,000km on it (almost 12,000mi).

It’s gas powered and does not need recharging.

The one I looked at has tinted windows. One of my Facebook friends asked if it heats my food like a microwave. As a matter of fact, it’s multifunctional – in the summer it will cook food and in the winter it keeps food refrigerated. Frozen even.

It’s a sporty model. Just the thing to give myself as a mid-life crisis present. In fact, if I get this one, I will probably keep it until I’m almost a senior citizen. That’s a sobering thought.

It’s mobile but not portable. I won’t take it on a bus with me, for example. On the other hand, if I get this I won’t need to take a bus to get around.

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