Persuasive Speaking – Final Approach to Advanced Communicator Gold

I’ve been working towards my Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) designation in fits and starts.

My most recent run at it was from last July through September, in which I completed all five speech projects in the Interpersonal Communication manual.

I have five more speech projects to give in order to complete the speech requirements for Advanced Communicator Gold. In addition to the speech requirements, there is also a mentoring requirement and workshop requirement.

For my remaining five speech projects, I have chosen the Persuasive Speaking manual. It has something in common with the Interpersonal Communication manual – they both have speech projects which consist of a role play with a partner.

Project 1 is The Effective Salesperson.
The speech objectives are:

  • Recognize a buyer’s thought processes in making a purchase.
  • Elicit information from a prospective buyer through questions.
  • Match the buyer’s situation with the most appropriate product.
  • TIME: 8 to 12 minutes

It has become so easy to procrastinate on preparing and giving those last five speeches.

Time to give myself another push and get this done.

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