An epiphany night

The other night I had a minor epiphany night. An epiphany night is a night where I can’t fall asleep and solutions to all problems are running through my mind. This was a minor epiphany night, since solutions to only some problems were running through my mind.

One idea that is working its way to the surface is to restart blogging again. Between Toastmasters, Team Management and Leadership Program, building my business practice, and various projects of self expression, I would think I could find a few things to write about now and then.

Ideas that seem really clear during those epiphany moments have a way of becoming murky during those moments of wakefulness when I’m actually in front of a keyboard motivating myself to write.

In the past few nights I’ve noticed that my dreams have had a Time Lord theme to them. That’s probably an effect of watching the latest Dr. Who episodes. A few weeks ago I watched an episode late at night before going to bed, and ended up having bizarre dreams. The effect was similar to that time when I ate a bowl of chocolate fudge ice cream late at night before going to bed.

Who needs mind altering drugs – just eat chocolate ice cream and watch Dr. Who at night before going to bed.

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