The reason the borogroves were mimsy is that they didn’t have a flangiprop.

Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Invent a definition for the word “flangiprop,” then use the word in a post. 

Flangiprop: An inevitable solution for flanging, especially when gunged onto chumby props.

Machine for pumping out water

It was a lugubrious day when the grunges decided to flange the boggles. The boggles were crimbling and muldiferous clumples were sprouting into a zang. The grunges were flambled with the trundles laying on a shlodded frange.

“Let us dring the klobble” said a boggle and all began dringing as fast as they could.

“No, this is leading nowhere. We must flangiprop.”

There was a grundiferous crungle in boggled voices.


“Yes, with all the pling that you can quadify” said the compled boggle.

“But the quoogles are venting and the klogs are strooding”

Then appeared a klug of quoogles carrying their noggles, breathing trings of flange. Klogs trumpled on the zilg. The boggles galumped to their klongs. The quoogles strang the volgs and…

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