Falling meteor

One of the scenes I’ve written for my work in progress, Mission: Dawn has an occupied one man work pod fall out of orbit to the surface of the planet. This event is important to the story; I need it to happen in order to get one of my characters to a particular place in the story arc. I don’t mean place as in physical place, as in the surface of the planet, although I need that too. I mean a story place; I need this character to arrive damaged but alive.

I came up with the idea for this particular turn a long time ago and had no real life experience to model it after so I speculated about some of the sensory details.

Meteor trace

Meteor trace (Photo credit: alexeya)

I now have a real life model. No, I didn’t fall out of orbit in a one man work pod. I’m referring to the meteor that crashed in Russia last week. This event showed us what object falling to the ground from space would like and sound like in real life. The sonic boom! The explosion!

I wasn’t planning to have my work pod explode as it fell. I need it to land badly burned but roughly intact and somewhat recognizable. I figure that unlike the meteor made of stone, the work pod is constructed of an outer shell that is designed to be heat resistant to a much greater point. They will keep the work pod from exploding on the way down and keep it from fragmenting the way the meteor did.

The sonic boom – I hadn’t thought of that originally, but I think I could use that. That will really shake things up that I need to have shaken up.

Cue up a rewriting session!

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