Reblogged: Talking Like a Sailor – Level 1

There are many things one can learn by watching Star Trek. For example, through watching all the episodes countless times and reading tons of novels, I’ve learned a bit of naval terminology, such as the difference between port and starboard, fore and aft, phasers and photon torpedos.

As a writer, and as a Toastmaster, it’s a good practice to develop one’s vocabulary.

My friend and fellow blogger Dawna has written an introductory post about terms that are used in boating. For example, you may know that the boom is the horizontal bar that holds the main sail out to catch the wind, and in her post Dawna explains how it got its name.

I hope you enjoy reading her post which I’ve reblogged here.

Second Wind

Unlike what some people will think, this is not about the swear words that some associate with sailors. After we bought our first sailboat, I quickly learned that there are a lot of terms used in boating that make no sense to landlubbers. Here’s an introductory list.


Landlubber – a person unfamiliar with the sea or seamanship.
Captain – the person lawfully in charge of the vessel. I’m very happy to let David be the captain, as he has more knowledge than me.
First mate – the second in command. On the boat, that is me. At home, that is my husband because the dog thinks she is the captain there.
Crew – the workers on a boat. On our boat, I’m the first mate and crew as I will do what the captain asks.


Boat DiagramEast, West, North and South are the same on a boat as on land. That’s…

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