A day in the life of

I was scheduled to be on light duty at church this morning. That meant getting there for nine. An excerpt from my journal today:

8:02am Now would be a good time to get up.
8:18am Okay, 8:02 was a good time to get up except that I didn’t get up.

I did eventually get up and made it to church and made my contribution from behind the lighting board. I pull up a fader and the worship team materializes on the platform under a shaft of light. I pull down a fader and the team dematerializes into darkness.

Someone had delivered a plate of pastries to us in the booth at the back of the room. Mmmm. Butter tarts, chocolate squares, cookies. Shared between myself, the graphics op, and the sound op.

Today was also communion day. I could smell the juice as it was being prepared by the volunteers. Was it grape juice? I thought it smelled like apple juice. A plate of cookies before me and the smell of apple juice – I went back to kindergarten memories.

Pastor Mike reminded us that we’re six weeks into the New Year – how are those resolutions going?

I’ve finished Week 5 of my fitness program. Am on track there.

My self-imposed blogging schedule for February is to blog every Wednesday and Saturday. My challenge for January was to blog every day. I completed my January challenge. Yesterday was my first strike; I didn’t blog on my scheduled Saturday. Am making up for it today.

I’ve got a surgery date coming up. As my surgery date gets closer I have feelings of excitement and apprehension. Yesterday, went to work thinking, only seven work shifts left before surgery. Felt excitement. Came out at the end of the shift thinking, only six shifts away from surgery. Felt apprehension. I started hearing a song in my head. It’s a Bryan Adams song. Cuts Like a Knife. Good theme song for an upcoming surgery, eh?

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