Revisiting That Warrior Spirit

That Warrior Spirit - Front CoverThe other day my buddy Matt came by to help me with a few things in my apartment.

He noticed my book That Warrior Spirit on display in my living room, and I gave him a copy.

A few days later he told me he’s been reading it. I asked him which part he’s gotten to, and when he told me I was surprised – I didn’t remember there being such a scene in the book. He started telling me certain things the characters had been doing – I found that not only did I not remember the characters doing those things, I didn’t even remember the names of some of the characters!

I pulled out one of my own copies and started skimming through it. I found that there were some parts that I wanted to skip over quickly – I didn’t like the writing in those parts! I also found other scenes that I enjoyed reading. When I’m working closely and intensely on something, I may lose my objectivity, but the real test is when I come back to it after a break. In this case, I’m coming back to it after a few years – I think I have a clearer sense of which parts are good and which parts could have used further revision.

Will I come back to this project? Will I rewrite parts of it? Start the sequel?

Not at this time, not in the next few months. I am putting all my creative energy into attaining certain business goals right now. I’ll reconsider in a few months.

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2 Responses to Revisiting That Warrior Spirit

  1. Sharmishtha says:

    write a sequel if you feel sure that it wont harm the first part and will add more meaning, value to it.

    • orestgtd says:

      Thank you, Sharmishtha. I have an outline for a continuation of the story. I will reconsider within the next few months whether to put this one back on the front burner.

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