Reboot 2013

My personal theme for 2013 has been Reboot My Life. I’ve installed a few upgrades already – in the winter I followed through on a Chain of Events and had surgery on my left hand.

The next major area I’m rebooting is my career.

I’ve worked with an associate for a while doing web development – initially part time, and have continually been increasing my participation and ownership for my results.

I’m pulling out the stops now, closing my back doors, and going full time with this.

There are certain aspects of this leg of the journey that I enjoy, and certain aspects that require me to stretch outside my comfort zone.

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I am leveraging skills and experiences I have gained through my involvement in Toastmasters. Giving a presentation to a prospective client to pitch my services – I get butterflies about that. But really, it’s not that different than giving a speech in front of an audience. Theoretically it should be easier, since when I make a presentation to a prospective client I am usually in front of one or two people and not in front of a roomful. At Toastmasters we not only develop our speaking skills, we also develop our listening skills – as an entrepreneur I need to use my listening skills to understand my client’s needs. At Toastmasters I’ve also learned skills in public relations – I’ll definitely be using those to promote my business, attract new customers, and generally communicate about my business.

I think I’ll be tapping into a lot of my past experiences and skills in order to be successful in this venture.

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