Mac OS: Facing the upgrade spiral

Having upgraded my iPhone to iOS 7 I am now feeling the pressure of the upgrade spiral.

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2 Responses to Mac OS: Facing the upgrade spiral

  1. My Mac’s still running on 10.5.8…. Bigfoot’s iPhone runs on IOS 7 too, and he’s bugging me to update everything, but first I have to get my hands on the first update, which isn’t sold anymore….. then updaye all the way through the other versions. I can’t be bothered 🙂

    • orestgtd says:

      I found a 10.6 upgrade on the Apple web site just a couple of weeks ago and ordered the CD online. It cost only about $30, so it’s not that expensive. I likely won’t be upgrading all the way through to the latest version, not for a while, just going one step at a time when I feel enough pressure.

      For me, losing the ability to sync my calendar between iPhone and laptop is enough pressure to motivate me. I’m concerned that I’ll start missing appointments or overbooking myself if I don’t keep my calendars synced.

      I know… first world problems, eh!

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