On a tight budget

Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox from Batman Begins.

Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox from Batman Begins. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a dream this morning. Bruce Wayne goes to meet Lucius Fox to find out what he has developed. Lucius brings out the Batmobile – a foot long model car operated by remote control.

“That’s it? A toy?” Bruce asks incredulously.

“It has armor plating and comes with a rocket launcher,” Lucius tells him. “Due to the downfall of the economy and budget cutbacks, it’s all we could afford.”

Bruce gets an alert, a bank robbery is in progress. He changes into his Batman outfit and takes a taxi to the crime scene. He fights the gang of robbers and takes them all out except one. The remaining robber advances on Batman menacingly. Batman is cornered. Suddenly the toy Batmobile whirls into the room. The miniature rocket launcher arms itself and fires a tranquilizer dart that strikes the robber in the leg. The robber collapses. The bank staff and customers cheer and applaud Batman. Even with constraints he is victorious.

I’m sure Freud would have fun analyzing this one.

Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman appear in this dream courtesy of DC Comics and Warner Brothers.
No animals were harmed.

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