The Way of the Student

Joe Litman - The Way of the StudentIn a recent video blog I included clips from an interview with departing Garden City Toastmasters member Joe Litman. During that interview he spoke about The Way of the Student – an initiative he started to help people his age to self-actualize the life they want.

Several months ago Joe gave a speech at Garden City Toastmasters about The Way of the Student – When You Just “Get It”. He had his speech recorded on video and posted on YouTube. You can see it in the player below.

You can also catch the interview I recorded with Joe in the video blog below. Joe gives a short speech at time index 2:59 and his interview starts at 3:54.

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2 Responses to The Way of the Student

  1. Jaye's Brain says:

    This is tremendous-could be the “bridge” that some people need to get from thinking to action, and it has an almost subliminal quality. Nice job!

  2. orestgtd says:

    Thanks Jaye. Joe was the youngest member of our chapter but he had a lot to offer.

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