Celebrating Toastmasters

I got my first video blog episode out. Press Play on the embedded video above to watch it. It’s an idea that’s evolving as I go. I had an idea about what I would focus on in my first episode, and as I went along with it I found other things I wanted to include and the theme I ended up with is broader than the theme I started out with.

Talking Tom

I shot all the scenes with my iPhone. I’m keeping the production style casual, what I call “guerilla style” shooting. No fancy set up, no fancy lighting or camera rigs. I want this experiment to be something that is fun, informative, entertaining, and even educational, and not too time-consuming. Another leg in the journey of this creative, playful, explorer.

I’ve edited all the videos I’ve made in the past few years using Final Cut Pro. I am using this video blog project as my playground to learn Adobe Premiere Pro.

I know that there’s a lot of background noise in the JJ Kapps segment, and if you find that excessively annoying then I ask your patience and forgiveness – there were things said during those segments that I thought were important enough to include despite the sonic distractions.

I shot the final segment, of the band, at the Valley Town Toastmasters BBQ in Dundas last week. I did not know the song the band was playing but I liked the tune so I looked it up. All it took was one line out of the lyrics to find it through google. I learned that the song the band was covering is called Little Lion Man, by Mumford and Sons. I looked up the song on YouTube to hear what the original version sounded like and I have to say that I like the cover version better – I think the singer, Dan’s, voice and delivery style suits the song well.

One person I didn’t mention in the credits in the video but that I’d like to acknowledge is my friend, fellow Toastmaster, and writer, Mon Gamil – he helped me get in touch with band member Kenrick (bassist) so that I could get the names of all the band members into the credits.

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