The pins are out

The pins have been pulled out.

No, I’m not talking about hand grenades. I’m talking about my hand.

When I had my surgery in February, I also had two pins inserted into my thumb. I’ve had those pins in for 11 weeks. They were in there to help the joint fuse into a more functional position.

I had the pins removed last week. I could feel them as they were being pulled out, though it didn’t hurt, and they did come out easily.

Having the pins removed means I’ve moved to a new stage in my healing journey. I was glad to have them removed, but in a strange way I also missed them. I was still compensating for having them, being cautious in certain activities such as dressing or washing, as if they were still there, as if I still had to protect them.

They had been in my body for such a long time it was like they had become part of my body.

Is this how a Borg feels when it becomes de-assimilated?

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2 Responses to The pins are out

  1. Congratulations; you’ll stop missing them soon, I’m sure…

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