The Demonstration Talk

I gave a speech at Garden City Toastmasters this week. I presented Project #3 from the Speaking To Inform manual.

This particular project is The Demonstration Talk. My objectives were,

  • Prepare a demonstration speech to clearly explain a process, product, or activity.
  • Conduct the demonstration as part of a speech delivered without notes.
  • Time: 5-7 minutes.

The topic I chose to demonstrate was the YNAB Methodology for personal budgeting and the YNAB software. YNAB stands for You Need A Budget. I have been using this software happily for over a year. I used their web site at as a resource for the material I presented and slides I prepared.

I was undecided at first whether I would be demonstrating the methodology (i.e. the four rules) or the software itself. In the end I decided that to demonstrate the software and not the methodology would not do the software justice.

Time me

Time me (Photo credit: mrlins)

I prepared a series of slides to explain and demonstrate the four rules and ended up with 19 slides. I knew from experience that this would be more information than would fit in the 5-7 minute time frame. Yet what could I cut out? I decided to focus on the first two rules and give just a quick overview of the last two. The actual timing of my speech was eight minutes and change, so I still went over my time. Five to seven minutes is just not enough to do this subject justice. Eight to twelve is more realistic.

I am working towards my Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS) designation. I now have two speeches and two presentations left in order to attain that. I also have two more presentations to give in order to complete my Advanced Leadership Bronze (ALB). For my remaining two speeches I will do Projects #4 and #5 in the Speaking To Inform manual. Project #4 is A Fact Finding Report and Project #5 is The Abstract Concept. For Project #4 I’m thinking of making it about the Bruce Trail, or about Kickstarter projects. I’m just not sure yet what perspective to take that will meet the project requirements.

You can download a PDF file of my slides from the Garden City Toastmasters blog.

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