Article in Brampton Guardian

English: CN Tower as seen from its base.

English: CN Tower as seen from its base. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Despite a high school wrestling injury that left him with limited mobility, Pesant never let his disability stand in the way of his goals. The Brampton man has climbed the CN Tower for charity seven times. Not an easy task for someone who walks with a cane. Seven years ago, it took the Brampton’s 2006 Citizen of the Year, 84 minutes to tackle 1,776 steps, last year, he scaled the behemoth tower in 52 minutes. – Radhika Panjwani, The Brampton Guardian

I received an email on Thursday from Radhika Panjwani, a staff writer at The Brampton Guardian; she wanted to write an article about our Toastmasters District 86 Spring Conference C&L Award Recipient, Bob Pesant, and to interview someone from Toastmasters about the organization and our mandate.

We had a four way conference call yesterday with Bob, Radhika, and our District Governor Carol Dowell.

You can read the full article at Brampton man scales new heights with award.

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