Dear Facebook app

Facebook app #fail

Facebook app #fail (Photo credit: tdhedengren)

Dear Facebook app,

I’ve not been one to complain much. I’ve seen my friends get frustrated with the changes you’ve made to your user interface and I’ve seen them get upset when you’ve mucked around with your privacy policies. I’ve heard a fair bit of Facebook bashing. I’ve refrained from doing so myself, generally keeping a positive and optimistic attitude.

So dear Facebook app, I am pained to say that you’ve started to suck. Your performance, that is. Why have you become so slow and unresponsive? My experience with you has been degrading since the last one or two updates. Don’t tell me it’s because I’m running you on an old iPhone (iPhone 4), because all my other apps continue to work well.

I like that you’ve helped me connect with and stay in touch with my friend in Japan. I like that you showed me that my friend who went to run in the Boston Marathon was okay after the explosions.

But your lag time has become atrocious. When I’m scrolling through the news feed to catch up on updates, when I click to open comments that others have written, when I click to see a photo full size uncropped. You freeze up for no good reason.

Dear Facebook app. Please stop sucking. I want to enjoy using you again.

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