Down to earth video effects

One of the ways I like to use my time is learning how to make better video effects (FX) using After Effects and Final Cut Pro software. My favorite resource for this is, where Andrew Kramer has posted lots of video tutorials. In addition to being very knowledgeable about After Effects and other tools used by video FX artists, Andrew has an off the wall sense of humor that I like.

Car Hit - Green ScreenI get a lot of ideas from there, of what kinds of things are possible to do and how to do them. One of the more bizarre ideas is the Advanced Car Hit. Create a realistic vehicle collision with body damage. I have yet to find an occasion to use that in any of my own videos, but I’m still looking for an opportunity…Car Hit - After Effects

One of the more, er, down to earth, tutorials that I like is the Earth Zoom. This tutorial shows how to make a video that starts with an aerial view of a building in San Francisco and smoothly zooms out all the way to an outer space view of planet Earth.

I wanted to make a sequence using this technique last year to make a promotional video for the Toastmasters District 86 Fall Conference. My idea was the reverse of what Andrew did – I wanted to start with an outer space view of planet Earth and smoothly zoom in to an aerial view of the Delta hotel in Kitchener where the conference was held in November. The thing was that there were a lot of procedural steps and some that were glossed over in the tutorial,and by the time I created a sequence that looked good and I like, it was too late to use it for that conference. The upcoming Spring Conference in April is being held in a different city so I would need to make a new sequence from scratch if I wanted to repurpose the idea, and I just had way too much on my plate to take on making a video for this event.

Earth Zoom - San Francisco ( I had the thought that the smart thing to do would be create an Earth Zoom sequence for a video that’s not time sensitive. Since my home club, Garden City Toastmasters, meets every week, why not make a sequence that zooms in to the building where we meet in St. Catharines. I have an idea for the opening of a video to make, which includes an Earth Zoom, and some other effects. I don’t know when I’ll finish the other effects; click Play on the video below to see what I have so far.

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4 Responses to Down to earth video effects

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  3. JapanGasm says:

    Excellent work on your zoom! Thanks for sharing the technique (and link).

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