Spring Conference – menu of workshops

Here’s a menu of workshops that will be offered at the Toastmasters District 86 Spring Conference in Burlington during the weekend of April 19-21.

Pauline Duncan-Thrasher Amazing Leadership Content Rich Workshop about motivation triggers for yourself and those you lead. Increase self knowledge. Find your own pattern of motivation and leadership. Recognize how competition rather than creativity may be blocking your leadership success. Discover how to choose influencing language that brings out the best in different individuals.
Charlotte King Mind Mapping Educators have long known that thinking maps are learning tools that help students be more creative and process information better and faster. Find out how to conceptualize and deliver a speech on any topic at a moments notice. Learn to “frame” your storytelling techniques and become the consummate Toastmaster that you always knew you could be.
Doug McLean Get Off That Nail In a dynamic, exciting workshop, learn to become more effective and successful in all you do. There are proven immutable laws that govern personal effectiveness and success, learn what they are and how to apply them in your life. Application of these laws leads to guaranteed positive life results.
Gary Pennington Hitesh Parmar MOTIVATORS & PIZZAZZ! Toastmasters who want to improve their speech effectiveness and move beyond just talking to involvement in the speech. This workshop demonstrates the model ‘how people learn’ which includes motivating, teaching and applying it. Experience the joy of shared-learning and fun, learn why speakers and workshop leaders excel at energizing.
Bill Brodie How to Tell a Joke Whether in business or social gatherings, knowing how to tell a good joke can open doors. Knowing when a joke is not a joke is just as important. This workshop will review the speaking techniques from the Competent Communicator manual and apply them directly and practically to the task of telling a good joke well. Warning: Participants may groan or laugh heartily – medical certificates may be requested at the door.
Jane Harnadek Managing Image Personality Dimensions® helps to explain people with different personalities or temperaments — done in the format of colours which is easy to conceptualize. It is an interactive tool in understanding life values, communication, relationship, and conflict styles and how to adapt and adjust without losing sight of who you are.
Cher Cunningham Online Marketing Establish a streamlined and focused marketing strategy and understand the online marketing tools that will allow you to achieve your goals.
Charmaine Grace Dare to Dream Do you have a dream – or do you stop yourself from dreaming? Dreams give us direction, motivation and passion. They will Re-Energize your life when you learn to clarify what you want and how to make your dreams come true. Attend this workshop and you will Dare to Dream – Again!


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