Let the white smoke flow – C&L Award recipient has been selected


The conclave has voted and the tallies are in.

I’m referring to nominations for the District 86 Spring Conference Communications and Leadership (C&L) Award.

I sent out a Last Call a few weeks ago, sent out almost four hundred emails, to ensure that every club in District 86 had the opportunity to nominate a candidate for the award.

Through this effort I attained two significant results that made my effort worthwhile.

One was that I ended up reaching many more clubs in the District than we had through previous efforts. I heard back from some clubs that my last call was the first they’d heard about nominations, so clearly previous efforts to spread the information had not reached these clubs.

The other significant result was that I received several additional nominations. For the Fall Conference I had a total of four nominations. This time around I had nine!

Bob Pesant

The conclave deliberated, reviewed the nominations, and sent me their rankings. I tallied them up and one name emerged as the clear leader of the pack.

That name is Bob Pesant. Bob became a paraplegic after an accident as a teenager, was told he would never walk again and would have to use a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Nevertheless, one of his many accomplishments is that he has climbed the CN Tower, in Toronto, annually for 7 years. I’m inspired and I think I’ll add that climb to my bucket list.

I look forward to meeting Bob next month at our Spring Conference.


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