Version control

The executive team of my home club, Garden City Toastmasters, has decided to postpone the Open House we were planning to hold in March. We’re moving it to a date in April.

That works well for me as I’ll have more time to promote the event.

Garden City Open House Flyer - Mark 4I set out to make a flyer this week. Like a District Public Relations Officer who is also a club VP Public Relations should, I downloaded a template for my flyer from the branding portal on the district web site. That template was a PDF file, which is non-editable. I wanted it in a form where I could edit it using Open Office to add some text.

There is an application on my MacBook called Preview, which can save a PDF file as a JPEG image file. I found it an easy matter to convert the non-editable template into an image file that I stuck onto a page in Open Office, added the relevant text, and voila – flyer done. First draft that is.

Then I heard from our Charlotte King, who is our VP Membership, that she had arranged for a guest speaker for our Open House in April. That was great news – and it begged a revision to the flyer to include information and picture of our guest speaker.

Once I decided how I was going to incorporate the new content into the existing design, I could see I’d have to do it in Photoshop rather than Open Office. Next version took a bit longer to do, and as soon as I sent it out to the exec I had another idea I wanted to try so one more version soon followed. Not bad for a guy with only one working hand, if I do say so myself.

Click on the image below to view the gallery.

What with all the versions I’ve made of this flyer and with the multiple video versions I sometimes make when I’m working on a Final Cut Pro project, I got to thinking that maybe I should start using a version control system. Well lo and behold, I discovered that I already have a version control system on my MacBook. It’s called Subversion and it’s part of MacOS. I also discovered that Photoshop has built in version control through a few modules called Version Cue, Adobe Drive, and Adobe Bridge. Then I learned that Version Cue was discontinued with CS5, which is the next version after what I have, which is CS4. So it might not be a good idea for me to get too dependent on Version Cue, methinks. So I’m experimenting with Subversion now.


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