Woman wears wedding dress around the world in stunning photo series – TODAY.com

When I went to Machu Pichu, Peru in August 2011 as part of a fund raiser for Joints In Motion, two of the people that were part of our entourage were the husband and wife team Jeff and Jennifer Salvage. Jeff was a training coach for our Joints In Motion team.

In his civillian life Jeff is a professor of computer science at Drexel University in Philadelphia PA.

A professor who travels in his spare time for adventures in exotic locations and ancient ruins? Give this man a fedora and a bullwhip to complete that image.

Jeff Salvage. Professor by day, explorer, adventurer, and photographer in his spare time.

Alter ego?

One thing that differentiates Jeff from his cinematic counterpart is that when he travels he brings his camera, his wife Jennifer, and her wedding dress.

For Jennifer Salvage, wearing her wedding dress was no one time event. She has donned that dress time and time again on their travels together to capture a collection of unique photographs. It’s part of an ongoing project they call One Dress, One Woman, One World.

Jeff and Jennifer’s unique pastime has garnered them lots of media attention. Some of the write ups they’ve received appear on Today.com, MSN, and Sentinel (gmnews.com).

Visit Jeff and Jennifer’s blog at www.onedressonewoman.com to read more about their story and see more of their amazing photos.

Check out these media articles about Jeff and Jennifer.


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2 Responses to Woman wears wedding dress around the world in stunning photo series – TODAY.com

  1. Judy Smith says:

    What a great idea!

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