Revolutions around resolutions


BLOG IDEAS (Photo credit: owenwbrown)

The end of January is almost here.

Four weeks ago, the subject of Resolutions was a popular topic.

Are people still talking about Resolutions now? I’m guessing not as much.

I don’t mean Resolutions of the I don’t believe in New Year Resolutions type, I don’t mean the Resolutions were meant to be broken type, or the Resolutions don’t work type.

I think the notion that Resolutions don’t work is poppycock. Except that I don’t use the word poppycock. I use a different word. A word that begins with <b> and ends with <ullshit>. Resolutions are resolutions. They’re inanimate objects. They neither work nor don’t work. They’re a declaration of intent. People make resolutions and they either keep them or they don’t. You’re either working at keeping your resolution or you’re not but don’t tell me “resolutions don’t work”.

Blog Machine

Blog Machine (Photo credit: digitalrob70)

At the beginning of January I made a declaration of intent about making January be a Blog A Day Month. Yeah, I was all motivated and inspired at the beginning of the month and raring to go. I’ll be honest, I’m surprised that I’ve made it 29 consecutive days. I’ve had days when I’ve been tempted to let it slip. I’ve even started counting down the number of days left in the month. After this one, only two more posts to go! I’ve had days when I feel like all I do is work, eat, sleep, and blog.

I think that four weeks into the new year is a time that the subject should be revisited, the conversation re-opened. Has it been worth it? I think so. Would I do it again? Probably. (Not too soon though!). Do I regret it? No way.

Now that my January blog-a-thon is so near to its end, I’ve been thinking about what I could make February look like. January has been a sprint month for me in terms of blogging. Before that, November and December was a sprint period for my Advanced Communicators Silver (ACS) designation at Toastmasters. I made a lot of rapid progress towards my ACS but haven’t finished yet.

English: Dundas Peak, detail. Dundas, Hamilton...

English: Dundas Peak, detail. Dundas, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Picture taken from Dundas Peak (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m envisioning that 2013 is going to be a year of sprints for me. I’d like to have a sprint at video production, and I’ve been thinking about making a 14-day sprint out of making a bigger Bruce Trail video project. I’ve made a couple of video montages that I’ve posted on this blog and I have some broad-strokes ideas about how to up the ante and make it bigger.

But not on February 1. On February 1 I’ll be taking a breather.

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4 Responses to Revolutions around resolutions

  1. This was a treat to read! Every year people bore you to tears listing all of their resolutions. This year my blog post about resolutions was entitled 2013 a No Resolution Year and I’ve stuck to it.

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  3. Good for you! I agree, life is full of sprints. It is because of one that I jumped into the world of blogging. Coming up with an idea for one of my first posts pushed me into creating my own blog. I had to take the leap! After all, it is difficult to put up a post about January and writing in the New Year at any time of the year other than January. By the way, I really like how you add related articles to your posts. Thank you for including me!

    • orestgtd says:

      Thanks for your comment Denise. Adding related articles has become a “learned skill”. Even with the links suggested by Zemanta, it sometimes takes a bit of extra effort to find related articles that suit the tone of a particular post.

      As a blogger I’m learning that the BNI philosophy of Givers Gain works well in the blogging community as well.

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