Greetings, imbecile Earthlings

Today’s Daily Prompt theme is Musical.

What role does music play in your life?

I’ve written posts before about the music in my life. I’ve written about the inspiration behind a song I composed called Heart Like A River. I’ve written about my reaction to “discovering” the tribute version of Stairway To Heaven that was performed at the Kennedy Center in December.

English: Musical notation and lyrics of "...

English: Musical notation and lyrics of “Den blomstertid nu kommer” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My relationship with music began at a very young age. I remember in elementary school when we learned to play the recorder and to read music. I was fascinated with drawing the circles on the lines and thought that when I grow up I would want to be a composer.

Fast forward to my university years. I was visiting my parents one weekend and I was in a bad mood. It was one of those I want to blow up the world moods. I imagined that I had an army of bad-assed aliens to help me with that, and I wrote these words on a piece of paper,

Greetings, imbecile Earthlings, get down on your knees
We’ve come across the galaxy to do as we please.

I wrote several more lines in the same tone. Eventually my bad mood passed and I had written several verses and liked what I had written. I ended up completing what would become the lyrics to a song I called Tales From The Vinyl Museum.

Fast forward about a decade, my school years are long behind me. I’m going through a stage where I’m writing music to go with the various lyrics I had written during my high school and university years. I had purchased a Yamaha keyboard during this stage. One night I was banging around on the keys, playing with the Distortion Guitar sound patch, and banged out a riff based on fourths and fifths. I liked the riff and thought I should write a song for it.

But wait a minute, I had a piece of music that needed lyrics, and I had a binder full of lyrics that needed music – maybe instead of reinventing the Cycle of Fifths, maybe the riff would fit with one of my existing lyrics! I searched through my binder and decided that it would work with Tales From The Vinyl Museum. The tone of the music and the tone of the lyrics seemed to fit each other well. I fired up the software I was using, entered the music into the sequencer, wrote a melody for the lyrics, and found that the music and words fit each other perfectly. Although I wrote the words and the music at completely different stages of my life they were clearly meant for each other.

At that moment I remembered my childhood declaration of becoming a composer, and I felt like I had just fulfilled a promise made to a young child. I have written that chapter of my life.

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