Favorite Person Award

I had three consecutive days this week where I had a morning meeting after working until 1am the night before.

Saturday, Club Officer Training in Grimsby. Got picked up by car pool at 8am. Training started at 9am.

Sunday, on light duty at church, in St. Catharines. Arrived for rehearsal just after 9am. The band started rehearsal even earlier. Service started at 10am.

Monday, doctor’s appointment, in Mississauga. Out of bed 8:30am. Left St. Catharines 9am. Arrived at medical building in Mississauga by 10:15am, in time for doctor’s appointment.

Since I was already in Mississauga on Monday, I stayed over at my parent’s house in Toronto. I had Monday night off from work, so I went to bed at a reasonable hour. Around 10 or 11.

Tuesday morning was my first opportunity to sleep in after several long days. It had snowed during the night. Or during the morning.

Since I slept in I had a late breakfast, just before noon, and an early lunch, just after breakfast. Then I went for a shower.

English: Snow on a car (several inches!) uratc...

Snow on a car (several inches!) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By the time I was showered and dressed I noticed my mom was outside, by herself, she had cleared the snow out of the driveway and had brushed the snow off my car. All by herself and during the time I was having my shower.

I think that’s definitely worthy of a Favorite Person Award.

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