Club Officer Training

It was another Saturday morning of getting up at bladder o’clock.

We’ve had a small cabinet shuffle in my home club, Garden City Toastmasters. Our President and our VP Public Relations have both stepped down from their positions and left the club due to changes in work schedules.

I’ve been asked if I would fill in the VP Public Relations role for my club. Apparently someone thinks I know something about public relations and that I have something to say about Toastmasters 🙂

There was a Club Officer Training event held this morning in Grimsby. Most of the members of the current incarnation of our club executive registered for it. I groaned at the thought of having another early Saturday morning. I could have attended a make up training event on a different date but wanted to attend with my fellow executive members. Team bonding and all that.

A scene from Rankin/Bass's The Jackson 5ive Sa...

Car pooling to Club Officer Training? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So up I got early this morning, up up up. Four of us carpooled there and back again, so we enjoyed some debriefing time.

There were two workshop sessions. The first one that I attended was the officer training for VP PR’s. I met with other club VP PR’s from the region, we had a brainstorm session and spread some knowledge and ideas.

The second one that I attended was a presentation on Being Master of Ceremonies. Being an MC for a formal event such as wedding or banquet may seem intimidating but it really uses a lot of skills we already develop in being a Toastmaster at a club meeting.

Earlier in the month there had been a threat of cancellation for this Club Officer Training event, however I saw a large turnout today.

Kudos to all who made it a priority to attend this training on behalf of their club, to the organizers, and to the presenters who prepared for and put effort into bringing us these workshops today.

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5 Responses to Club Officer Training

  1. Paula Howley says:

    Hello Grimsby! And hello fellow Toastmasters! I love the camraderie of officer training every year. Right now I’m out and about letting folks know about my blog as I go for the World Championship of Public Speaking in Cincinnatti this year!
    Cheers friends!

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