Clear signals

In my previous post It’s not a date I shared a scene from my novel-in-progress. We met Ensign Ian Green, ship’s navigator and youngest crew member. We met Lieutenant Gaba Quarette, ship’s helmsman, who is several years older than Green. We have seen the two have spend some of their off duty time together in an almost-but-not-romantic manner. Let’s drop in on them again, several months later.

As starship Dawn sailed on toward her destination, Ian and Gaba have had several “it’s not a date” encounters. Most of them were casual, let’s hang out and get something to eat, things at the end of their shifts. Once in a while Gaba dressed up for the occasion.

As the ship drew near to their destination Gaba knew that that she was going to have to focus more on the mission at hand. She had a “date that’s not a date” arranged with Ian. On this occasion she dressed up more provocatively. She wore a low cut blouse that showed some cleavage, and put on make up and perfume. She and Ian had dinner and talked and enjoyed each others company. At the end if the evening he walked her back to her quarters as he had always done. They walked together a bit closer than they usually did, their hands brushing but not quite holding hands.

Peck on the cheek

Peck on the cheek (Photo credit: Daysleeper724)

When they arrived at her quarters Gaba told him, that she has enjoyed the time they have spent together en route but once they arrive at their destination, this was going to stop. Ian took it well, and she kissed him on the cheek. “Just so you don’t get confused about mixed signals,” she said, “that was a kiss on the cheek. It doesn’t mean anything.”

They said their good nights and she went into her quarters alone.

Inside her quarters she went to the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. She looked at her reflection and said, “I saw you looking down my top.” With a mischievous grin she loosened the buttons on her blouse, opened it up and playfully flashed her breasts at her reflection in the mirror. “Enjoy the view, Mr. Ensign. When we get back to Earth we’ll celebrate and I’ll let you have me then. I’m thinking about that zero-g room.” She undressed and went to bed.

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