Alas! Poor Fern


Fern (Photo credit: hartjeff12)

Fern didn’t make it.

I brought Fern home over a year ago.

I had thought about getting a dog and didn’t want to commit to the expense of keeping a dog so instead I bought a plant. That day I walked out of the store with my petite potted plant I was proud as if I was bringing home my first puppy.

I once did a search on the internet to find out what was out there about the differences between keeping a plant versus keeping a dog. Searching for “plants vs dogs” did not turn up the results I was looking for. Instead I found results like

I had my own observations about keeping a plant versus keeping a dog. Most notably I observed that Fern did not bark when she saw other plants out the window.

I watered Fern regularly. I spritzed her leaves to provide humidity. I put her into a bigger pot and added more soil. I inserted plant spikes in her soil to feed her. I put her in different rooms in the house to see if she needed more light, or less light, or a different kind of light.

Dead plant in pots

Dead plant in pots (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fern did not make it.

I have a cactus now. His name is Spike. Spike is doing well.

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