Call Tech Support – my iPhone needs to be unbricked

Hello, tech support? I think my iPhone needs to be unbricked.


That’s the punch line. I haven’t figured out the rest of that joke yet, but it goes with the picture. Write a comment when you get it.

Today’s writing prompt at The Daily Post is What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person?

That one got me thinking about who my favorite person actually is. I don’t really have a single favorite person. I know lots of people that I’ve met through Toastmasters and through church and through Joints In Motion and people that I met in Fiji, and people I’ve met in the various circles that I’ve intersected along my journey. I am fond of many of them.

There are people who might have become part of my Favorites list had I given them a chance.

There are people to whom I did give more than a chance and ended up needing to put that relationship out on the curb for pickup on garbage day.

One of my top favorites would be my mom. I’ve been visiting my mom and dad about every week over the Christmas and New Year holidays, and there have been times when I’ve been busy and haven’t visited for a few months.

If I were being honest I think I’d have to say my favorite person is my iPhone. Okay, I know my iPhone isn’t a person, but I’m exercising my writer’s license.

I’ve got my iPhone with me practically all the time. I’ve never put a fur coat on my iPhone, I don’t shower or brush my teeth with it and it’s never escaped out of my car while I’ve been shopping at Ikea, but I do practically everything else with my iPhone.

The longest I’ve been without it has been the first four and a half decades of my life before it was invented. The longest I’ve been without it in recent memory is one day when I went to church and forgot it at home, where I had plugged it in for recharging.

Helen Island, Helen Reef, Palau. Original desc...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I were to be stranded on a deserted island, the one thing I would want to have with me, provided the deserted island had free wifi, would be my iPhone. My Facebook status would probably say something like this, “Day 1, stranded on a deserted island. Used free wifi to order suntan lotion on eBay”.

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3 Responses to Call Tech Support – my iPhone needs to be unbricked

  1. seeker says:

    Too funny. My family is trying to get me into this Iphone. Yup, I say, buy me one.

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