Springing the Spring Conference

The email arrived on Thursday and did not penetrate my conscience until Friday. Spring Conference Committee meeting on Saturday in Burlington at 9am. Only two sleeps away.

Of course by Friday it was only one sleep away. Given that I was working Friday until 1am meant it was going to be a short sleep.

English: The Saturday morning launch, overlook...

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There are people in this world who get up to see the sun rise, or stay up to watch the sun set. There are people in this world who travel from Vancouver to Toronto in January and hope that the weather will be warm with no snow. There are people in this world who attend Toastmasters conferences and expect them to be well organized, professionally run, educational, and fun.

There are also people who work behind the scenes to ensure these things happen. People who operate behind the scenes to ensure the sun rises and sets and Earth moves forward and attains its daily quota of 1/365th of an orbit. People who put winter tires on their car to ensure snow will not fall. People who meet at 9am on a Saturday morning to assemble the minute by minute details of a weekend conference.

Saturday morning I got up at six thirty. My strategy to drink a glass of water before going to bed worked. I anticipated that I would have difficulty getting up so early after going to bed at two. Indeed, when the alarm on my iPhone went off at six I snoozed it twice. But I had also set an internal alarm in my body. When that alarm went off at bladder o’clock there was no snoozing it.

Saturday at nine, the conference committee meeting starts in Burlington. Like a Jedi Council meeting, except that as Toastmasters, more succinct our grammar is. That is, those who have had enough coffee to ensure they actually have grammar. Others just grunt and nod.

Three and a half hours later the meeting adjourns. The sun has risen. Snow did not fall in Toronto. The Spring Conference is in good hands.

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