Heart Like A River

My friend Federico (Fede) Carrillo writes a blog at jangetwell.blogspot.ca. He writes about his wife, Jan, who is also a friend of mine. Jan had a brain aneurysm in 2006.

One day Fede wrote a blog post called If my heart was a river. When I read this post I was inspired to write music to it. I liked how Fede had put those words together and complimented him on his poetry. He responded that he hadn’t set out to write a poem, he was just writing what was in his heart. I think that means Fede has the heart of a poet.

Diagram of cerebral aneurysm

Diagram of cerebral aneurysm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wrote and recorded a song called Heart Like A River, based on his post. I had it posted it once somewhere on the internet, and I don’t know where it is now, so I’ve reposted it to YouTube. You can hear it by clicking on the embedded video above.

Jan survived the aneurysm, against the odds. She regained much of her functionality, against the doctors’ speculations. Fede continues to blog. Check out his story at jangetwell.blogspot.ca (tell him I sent you).

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