Is Day 2 too early to be discouraged about NaNoWriMo?

Is Day 2 too early to be feeling discouraged about NaNoWriMo?

I didn’t purposely stay up until midnight on Hallowe’en night just so I could start on my NaNoWriMo. However, midnight did come and I was still up and that meant it was November, so I thought, what the heck – let’s get started!

I got up to 1,032 words and that was as far I was getting to. What time was I done, just before two a.m.? That meant I still had about 22 hours to come up with the remaining 635 words for Day 1.

Yeah, right. In reality I had a window of about one or two hours. Staying up until two a.m. meant I slept in the next morning (which was still Day 1). By the time I got up and went through the usual morning routine it was time to leave for a scheduled business meeting and right after that I worked my night shift and by the time I got home from that it was after midnight and that meant it was now Day 2.

I don’t like anything I wrote for my Day 1 session.

If I can keep from getting bogged down in the homework on my plate from my other responsibilities before I go to my night shift then I just might squeeze in a writing session into Day 2.

I’ve got an idea for a different approach for my next session. Hopefully the result will be some writing that I enjoy more than what I wrote on my first day.


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