A successful writing session

I had a successful writing session last night.

While I’ve been scoring a lot of wins lately, I have been remiss with my writing. A lot of my recent wins have been related to Toastmasters and while I’m enjoying my journey through Toastmasterland I need to have that not be the only thing I find to write about.

Lately my thoughts have been turning back to my creative writing. I have been plodding along in progress at a snail’s pace on Mission: Dawn. How many years have I been working on that story now?

Last night I was feeling inspiration to have another go at it. There are parts of the story that aren’t going as well as I’d like, parts of the story where I’m stuck. I had a burst of creative energy though and I wanted to hang out with my characters. I decided it was time to have an interview session with Arjay. I used the interview process to get started on my novel That Warrior Spirit; I challenged myself to interview Arjay and push for 1,000 words.

It turned out that it didn’t take me that long to reach 1,000 words; I didn’t have as hard a time getting to 1,000 as I have in the past. I reached my target of 1,000 fairly quickly and painlessly and decided to keep going and upped the ante to 2,000.

I stopped my writing session at 2,144 words. Now I won’t publish the contents of that writing session; it’s for my own use as a tool for developing my story. For discovering and uncovering the story. Nevertheless, a few things popped up in that session that will be useful. I learned a bit more about my character.

So overall I’ll say that I had a successful writing session and I look forward to writing the next interview.

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