Getting ahead of myself or looking forward?

Recently I’ve written about selecting my High Performance Leadership project. Completing a High Performance Leadership project is one of the requirements for acquiring an Advanced Leadership Silver (ALS) designation from Toastmasters.

Am I getting ahead of myself? I still have my Competent Leadership (CL) and Advanced Leadership Bronze (ALB) to complete as prerequisites for ALS.

It’s not so much that I’m getting ahead of myself. Rather it’s that I’m looking forward.

I have one project left to complete my CL.

Without realizing it I have already completed most of the requirements for my ALB as well.

To complete my final project for my CL I am chairing a public relations committee to promote the Garden City Toastmasters upcoming 60th anniversary event.

To complete my ALB I have to complete my CL and give two presentations from the Successful Club Series or Leadership Excellence Series.

The anniversary event is on June 1 so I have to complete my CL project by then.

I also have three speeches left to give to attain my Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB) which I want to complete by end of June.

I see it as completely reasonable to expect that I will give those two ALB presentations by end of July.

I’ve felt a need to get a new upgrade for my life. Getting my CL, ACB, and ALB in the next couple of months will be a good step forward in that direction.

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