Clearing a path

In March I wrote that I have seven or eight more speeches to give in order to attain my Advanced Communicator Bronze at Toastmasters (Plotting towards ACB).

That was just a little over a month ago. I now have only four speeches to go. I’ve been hustling!

I’ve completed the Entertaining Speaker manual and have selected Interpretive Reading as the next manual to work on.

Last night I gave another speech, Project #1 from the Interpretive Reading manual, Read A Story.

I adapted a scene from my novel That Warrior Spirit to present as my speech. The scene I chose is a follow up to a previous speech I gave, in which I adapted another scene called Father And Son as my dramatic speech.

My initial working title was last night’s speech was Letting Go but I ended up changing the title to Clearing A Path. I thought the original title was too obvious and gave away the ending.

I like subtle and I like shades of meaning. I like song titles like Script For a Jester’s Tear or Star Trek episode names like By Any Other Name.

When I originally wrote the scene that I adapted for last night’s speech the characters surprised me. Originally Tom was supposed to meet Joanna after twenty years and have a conversation that would help him let go of his previous relationship with her and move on with his life. I had trouble writing that scene, imaging what that conversation would look like. Then Tom surprised me when he walked away from the chance to meet Joanna again. That wasn’t supposed to happen, that’s not what was in the outline.

Tom surprised me and that’s one of the things I love about the creative writing process, when the characters I create take on a life of their own.

Yesterday when I was rehearsing to give my speech I started choking up as I read my script aloud. I actually burst out into tears. Same thing happened a few weeks ago when I was rehearsing for my Father and Son speech. I was delighted that this was happening; it meant that I had picked the right scene and had connected with the emotional core of it.

I didn’t burst into tears when I presented those speeches in front of an actual audience. That emotional intensity didn’t come up – I’m not sure what to make of that.

Only four speeches left to finish my ACB.

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