Stepping forward

As I prepare to complete my term as President of Garden City Toastmasters a few months from now I’ve been looking ahead and asking “what’s next?”

I remember that some of the executive members from my first club, Humber Shores Toastmasters, went on to positions at the Area, Division, and District levels after they completed their role on the club executive team. I was inspired when I saw the examples set by Allan, Reg, Mila.

As I prepare to transition the leadership of my current club to the next executive team I’m looking ahead to see what new role I will want to take. After being President for almost a year I can’t see myself not taking on a leadership role.

I’ve learned that there is a Division Governor position available, and a District Public Relations Officer (PRO) position. I’m putting my name in for both but the one I really want to gun for is the PRO position.

I have uncertainties in some areas of my life right now and some “reasons” why this might not be the “right time” for me to pursue a position at a higher level and take on bigger responsibilities. But there will always be circumstances, there will always be reasons, it will never be the “right time”. Heck, I had “reasons” to not take the role as club President.

Screw the circumstances, screw the reasons.

“Every man dies. Not every man lives.”

I’ve put my name in and I expect that life will never be the same again.

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