What do I want

According to Goal Achievers International the first step towards achieving a goal is to write down the goal.

After some reflection I wrote down the following in my personal journal:

What is my goal?

To have a career that is financially rewarding and fulfilling, which is aligned with my greatest purpose, in which I play my life game that I call “creative expression that inspires”, fully express my core energy which I call “creative playful explorer”, and constructively actualize my top driving needs which are creative expression, achievement, connection.

Is this a S.M.A.R.T. goal?

No. It’s not specific and it’s not timed. It does not answer the questions

  • What type of career do I want?
  • What income level matches “rewarding”?
  • What is my greatest purpose?
  • When do I want to have this by?

It’s not a S.M.A.R.T. goal but it is a definition of what I want.

I haven’t answered what income level matches “rewarding”. It seems to me that no matter what number I plop down, I can always ask myself “why not more?”. At what point do I stop then and decide “this is my goal, this is enough”?

I haven’t included in my definition a statement of what is my greatest purpose. I have done many exercises to discover, or to learn, or to define, what is my purpose. Tony Robbins, Extraordinary Learning, Context Associated, Mentor Discover Inspire, are all some of the vehicles I have used to come up with my purpose statement. How many different purposes do I need?!? My usual reaction to the claim “you will discover your purpose” is “oh no, that’s all I need is another purpose!”

Which purpose statement do I then include in my definition of what I want? I think it doesn’t matter. I think that my highest self know what my greatest purpose is and knows when I am “on purpose” or “off purpose”.

I haven’t answered when do I want this by. Again no matter what date I plop down I can always ask myself “why not sooner?” If I keep making the date sooner and sooner then eventually I end up at now. Perhaps a better question to ask is “when do I want to start playing?” My answer is “I am already playing the game now.”

What do I want? I think I have answered that.

J. Michael Straczynski, creator of Babylon 5, says that before we answer the question “what do I want” we should answer the question “who am I”. I think my definition includes the answer to that question as well. I am a creative playful explorer whose top driving needs are creative expression, achievement, and connection.

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