Conquering the mountain of clutter

Much has been written about dealing with clutter and I’m pitching in with my $2 worth.

I’ve got a clutter box. At one time I took a bunch of clutter that had been piling up on my kitchen and office tables and dumped them into a box. With that move I gained a nice short reprieve from my clutter; I could see my table tops again!

For months my old clutter remained hidden away, out of sight and out of mind, while new clutter accumulated on my tables.

After I read a few articles at I was inspired to take new action. I decided that rather than wait until I move again before I deal with the contents of my clutter box I’d be proactive and pare it down as much as possible. For every item that I dealt with or got rid of I would move that much closer to simplify my life and create the space to attract more of what I really want.

Here is what I’ve started doing. I got another box, an empty box, and put it beside my primary clutter box. In theory I would deal with my clutter box every day but in practice I find I do it about three or four times a week.

“Deal with my clutter box” means I take ten things out of the top of my clutter box. Of those ten I have to deal with a minimum of two. “Deal with” means file it, purge it, or otherwise take some action on it. All other items out of the pile of ten can go into the second box except a minimum of two.

In theory, by using this process I would get rid of 20% of my clutter by the time I emptied my primary clutter box. In reality I have days where I’ve ended up purging much more than my minimum standard of two.

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