Journey 2012

I enjoyed a terrific relationship with the year 2011. The year could have ended in September and I would have said I had a great year. My trip to Alberta in the spring, completing my Competent Communicator at Toastmasters, my involvement with Joints In Motion, and of course my trip to Machu Picchu, Peru were some of the adventures and wins I had that were indicators that I was indeed living large.

Of course the year did not end in September. Nor, as some have predicted, did the world come to an end.

The final quarter of 2011, for me, was about taking care of some of the mundane but necessary aspects of life, like having a couple of wisdom teeth extracted, tackling my mountain of debt, securing a stable source of income. After living large for so many months these aspects seemed mundane in comparison. I referred to these aspects as my Clark Kent life.

Now in the midst of the first quarter of 2012 Toastmasters is the only area of my life where I feel like I am winning. I am tracking towards attaining my Competent Leadership designation and my Advanced Communicator Bronze as well as leading my chapter to attain and exceed the requirements of the President’s Distinguished Club Program.

This is the part of my current journey where I am experiencing the most fulfillment.

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