Improving the quality of life

What decisions will I make today that will improve the quality of my life?

That’s a question I was pondering this morning as I wrote in my journal.

Some decisions are easy to make. Just show up at the appointments I have scheduled for today as a result of a past decision. Like showing up for my afternoon appointment at Active Green + Ross to have my muffler replaced. That won’t improve the quality of my bank balance, but getting my muffler replaced is necessary so that my car will pass the emission test that’s due in October. Keeping my car well maintained and functioning will definitely improve the quality of my life.

Another decision I made was to walk up the Niagara escarpment while I was waiting for my auto work to be completed. Didn’t I write last week on Facebook that summer had ended overnight? I was wrong. That was just a commercial break. Summer is back and in fine form for the final act.

Rather than sit in the air conditioned reception area at Green + Ross and catch up on my emails while my car was being worked on I went out for a walk. The road up Burleigh Hill Dr and the top of the escarpment made for a tempting destination. Yes, climbing up the Niagara Escarpment on a pleasant summer day will definitely improve the quality of my life, even if only for an hour.

So there I was, walking up that hill, enjoying the weather and the walk and absorbed in my thoughts when I heard an unexpected voice behind me. “Excuse me sir.” A jogger behind me. I stepped aside and let her pass, and she continued jogging up the escarpment. I wanted to cheer for her. Way to go for running up that hill! That’s the way to do it, that’s the way to tackle the escarpment, and come to think of it, that’s the way to tackle the challenges of life.

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