The Art of Procrastination

I attended a workshop last night called Art of Procrastination. I have seen this workshop offered several times in the past few months and honestly just wasn’t all that motivated to attend (Motivation is another workshop coming up in a couple of weeks – it’s called How To Maintain Your Motivation). But I was in Toronto during the week, I had an open evening, and after spending the last two weeks with my head down in production mode making my Peru video and finishing my Fiji video after a year and a half, I decided to attend this workshop, get out and possibly meet some new people.

I was the first participant to arrive. In fact, I was early. If I arrive early for a workshop on procrastination is that a sign that I don’t need the workshop? (Though the fact that I did not complete and publish this post until the end of the week may negate that claim).

I suppose a big reason why I haven’t been motivated in the past to attend this workshop was that I did not want to be reminded of all the things I’m not doing. It seemed inevitable that in this workshop we would be asked to list things we’re putting off.

When the time came to make that list I didn’t feel so bad about it. The facilitator, Kate, asked us to write down three things we’ve been putting off. I went into over-achiever mode and wrote down five.

One of those items was to unpack my suitcase from the trip I made – no, not to Peru just two weeks ago – but from my trip to Alberta in May.

My pattern of late has been to unpack my suitcase from a trip when I need it for the next trip. I didn’t take my suitcase to Peru, however, I took a back pack and duffel bag. So my suitcase remained unpacked three months later.

To give myself credit I did dump the contents of my suitcase on the floor and put away my suitcase. What I really need to do, therefore, is deal with the pile I’ve made on the floor.

Kate offered to call me next week to check up on how I made out with my pile. I took her up on her offer. Accountability is a tool which I’ve used effectively to keep myself motivated.

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