Toronto Waterfront hike

Did a hike today with other participants from the Joints In Motion team.

It was a waterfront hike in Toronto, that started at Bay and Front, went down to the lake, along the waterfront to around Jameson, and back.

Total distance was 11km. I wore my new hiking boots and a backpack to get used to carrying the weight on my back.

Hiking with a team was a different experience for me. Until now I’ve done all my hiking solo. Hiking with the team, I found that I was hiking at a faster pace than is my norm when I hike alone. With the other people around I easily distracted myself from any aches by connecting with the other people. Also I was glad to meet some of the people with whom I’ll be hiking in Peru next month.

I’ve been using an app on my iPhone called MapMyHikes to track the recent hikes I’ve done. The app uses the GPS to track my position and display my route on a map and report on various statistics such as distance covered, length of the hike, and average pace per kilometer. I used this app to record today’s hike but it must have had some difficulty determining my start position – the picture below shows the hike that MapMyHike thinks I did. It’s telling me that I started in St. Catharines and went straight across Lake Ontario to Toronto. I suppose I should be flattered that MapMyHike has such a high opinion of my ability.

Such a hike would take some serious Jesus power!

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