100 flights

My training plan for today – do a round of stretches, do the stairs, than another round of stretches. Target for stair climbing was 100 flights while wearing backpack and wrist weights.

11:07am I’ve booted up. My feet slide into my new hiking boots easily with minimal assistance from my long handle shoe horn. Let’s hope they go in as easily on the second day of my trek when my feet will likely be stiff and swollen from the first day’s hike. Or maybe I should sleep with my boots on for the whole four days and side step the issue.

12:00pm Done my 100 flights of stairs. Time 45:10. Wore light back pack (loaded with sleeping bag and wind breaker) and wrist weights. Ditched the wrist weights after 60 flights. Thought about ditching the back pack at 80 but didn’t. I suppose that on the trek I won’t have the option to ditch the back pack.

On flights 90-100, when I knew I was on my last 10 flights, I noticed that I was breathing not as hard as I had been on the 40-49th. I suppose that means I am progressing in conditioning my body.

When I finished, my t-shirt was totally drenched and I had trouble peeling it off; it was stuck to my back. I had anticipated this before starting my workout and had considered not wearing any shirt and decided against it. On the actual trek I’ll have some shirt on between my skin and my backpack.

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