Hike: Short Hills Provincial Park

10:12am I’m plotting out today’s hike. First item on agenda is to pick up four Power Bars, for carbs not proteins.

My planned hiking area for today is Woodend, combining the Bruce Trail with the Paul Naray Silurian Trail and maybe a part of Wetland Ridge Side Trail.

10:25am I’m considering an alternate flight plan, through Short Hills Provincial Park, instead. My planned route would then be to enter near DeCew Falls and make a loop with the Terrace Creek Side Trail. This option looks more hilly and therefore more relevant to the type of hiking I’ll be doing in Machu Picchu.

11:01am I wrote after my hike on Monday that next time I wouldn’t stop to take pictures. Well screw that. Documenting the journey is part of the journey.

1:11pm Timer sounds indicating the end of my first forty five minutes of hiking. Time for a snack and some water.

2:16pm The chime goes off again – another 45 minutes, meaning I’ve been hiking for an hour and a half now. Time for my second break.

3:15pm Third chime. Time for another snack break.

8:00pm I’m home! Made it! Got some bites or something, some skin irritation around my ankles.

The iPhone battery conked out shortly before I made it back to my car. I recorded my route using MapMyHike; it got most of my route.

I really should take a shower now, and have dinner.

9:50pm This is what I posted to Facebook after I got home from the hike (posted from my laptop) – “Hike completed. Battery power remaining on iPhone at end of hike: 0%. Battery power remaining on me: barely a few more points than the iPhone.”

Yeah, well, at least I got home alive, unlike Mr. iPhone.

Here’s what I posted a few minutes ago – “After two hours of recharging, iPhone battery is at 97%. Me battery is at 40%. I should download some carbs… but I’m going back into my docking ring instead.”

I carried the five pound weight in my backpack this afternoon, plus an extra bottle of water. I found that having that weight was okay from a weight-carrying perspective but I had to be careful with the balance and not stand up too straight when I was climbing up a hill.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I gave blood on Tuesday. The lady at the donor clinic told me I might feel lethargic afterward. I assumed that she meant later the same day. I was fine Tuesday evening and forgot all about her warning. Wednesday I had a long day, getting up at 3:30am, going to Toronto, and getting back home at 11:30pm. On Thursday I ran an errand to Burlington. A drive that should have taken about 45 minutes took much longer – I hadn’t thought about the fact that it was the Thursday before a holiday and that there would be a great volume of traffic on the highway. I took side roads to get back home after – a scenic route which I enjoyed, though an errand that I expected to do in a couple of hours seemed to take up half the day.

Friday – Canada Day – I crashed. I was so frustrated with myself, with my low energy level – I had so many things I wanted to get done! I didn’t understand why I was so tired on Friday until I thought about it later and realized what kind of week I just had. A training hike, a blood donation, a long Wednesday, and a road trip to and back from Burlington on a hot day – no wonder I crashed on Friday.

Lesson learned – I probably should not give a blood donation while I’m in training.

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