Niagara Glen hike

7:58am I think today would be a good day to go to Niagara Glen for a walk.

4:39pm Heading to Niagara Glen now.

5:00pm Arrived at Niagara Glen. Plotting out my course. I think I will walk to the cairn at the southern terminus of the Bruce Trail and back. Let’s find out how far that is. I brought my backpack with me with a five pound weight in it and a water bottle.

6:40pm Halfway point – reached the stone cairn. Distance covered – 6.8km, if I’m reading the MapMyHike app correctly. Now I’m going to do something I don’t like to do – backtrack, instead of making a loop.

8:27pm Done my hike. Duration 3h14. Distance 12.64km. Let’s head home.

The backpack didn’t bother me. The dumbbell weight didn’t bother me. There was no point at which I felt dragged down by the weight.

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Next time – no stopping for pictures or text messaging!

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