A week of training

I’ve completed an entire week of training. Last Monday I went for a walk, I estimated it to be 10-12km. Got up early to do it so I could get it out of the way and on with other things I wanted to do that day.

I ended up taking three hours to do my hike, and I felt stiff and sore after. So I have no trouble with my stair climbing but need a lot of recovery after a long walk. I’d rather be stiff and sore now rather than when I’m in Machu Picchu in August.

On Monday evening I was still hobbling, but by Tuesday evening my legs were feeling better; well enough, actually, to do another round of stair climbing. For the rest of the week until Friday I alternated between stair climbing and walking, though I made my subsequent walks shorter than that first one.

Saturday and Sunday were recovery days, and today I resumed with stair climbing.

Meanwhile I’ve had donations come in so that now I am 54% of my target. I had a donation from Japan! For some reason I am excited about that and enjoy bragging about it. I’ve also been blessed with donations from Australia, Austria, and USA, in addition to domestic donations within Canada, so this truly is an international effort.

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