Starting my Joints In Motion training

I’m behind in my targets for Joints In Motion. I’m supposed to have completed my fund raising by now but I am at 49%. I should have started my physical training, and I’ve “sort of” been doing that.

“Sort of” means I’ve been doing some stair climbing. Although I have not “formally” started my Joints In Motion physical training I have had a head start on it; I’ve been doing some independent training with Jennifer Salter. She is a physical trainer whom I’ve been working with for a couple of months now to meet some of my other goals.

I missed the official Joints In Motion training kick-off weekend; I had a conflict with another event that I’d already committed to. I’m catching up on emails I’ve been receiving from my Joints In Motion trainer. Here’s part of a note I received this week:

Here is the training for this weekend!

Saturday – 12 flights Sunday – 9k

Saturday – 17 flights Sunday – 10k

Saturday – 22 flights Sunday – 15k

According to this plan I should have done stairs yesterday and 9-15k (whatever that means) today.

I decided to do 22 flights of stairs today. What the heck, I’m behind, might as well jump in at the Advanced level and see how I do. I live on the top floor of a two story building – there are no 22 flights of stairs here. Does 22 flights mean going up is one flight and coming back down is one flight, or does it mean going up and back down is one flight? I decide to define one flight as being up and then back down. So up and down (one), up and down (two), up and down (three), and so on, twenty two times. Timed myself – my time was 7:48.7 (seven minutes and forty eight seconds, not seven hours and forty eight minutes!) I probably could have done another eight flights, pushed through  to 30 flights, but decided I’ll leave that to a later session. I’m in good shape to start thanks to the squats I’ve been doing as part of the program Jennifer designed for me.

So what does 15k mean – a 15 kilometer walk? A 15 kilometer jog? I really should read the rest of the emails from the training team. I’ve decided though that I’ll get up early tomorrow and go for a 10-15 km walk.

So I have now “formally” started my training.

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